Never Waste Good Suffering

Never Waste Good Suffering

Intruder In My House

Intruder In My House

Pay What You Owe


Starring: Crystal Rush, Reno  Time: 28:41 Minutes  Size: 1.52 GB 

Rated XXX Crystal's boyfriend owes money to the wrong people; a man threatens her at home, ties her up, fucks her and then slits her throat and stabs her. 


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Starring: Crystal Rush, Reno   Time: 28:41 Minutes  Size: 1.52 GB 

Rated XXX Crystal's boyfriend owes money to the wrong people; a man threatens her at home, ties her up, fucks her and then slits her throat and stabs her.



1 Girl, 1 Guy

Crystal is at home on the phone with a girlfriend. There is a ring on the door, Crystal thinks it’s her yoga instructor and hangs up.

She opens the door but doesn't recognize the man, and doesn't see that he has a knife behind his back. He needs to speak to her boyfriend and invite himself in. She denies his entrance. As he tries to ask again, she starts to shut the door on him, but he stops it with his hand. Shocked when he pulls out the knife. He puts it to her throat and forces her backwards into the house, and closes the door behind them.

With the knife still against her throat, he pushes her against a wall. The man is there to collect money her boyfriend owes.

The door rings again. It’s her yoga instructor. With the knife still on Crystal’s throat, she needs to get rid of him.

The man gives her a compliment but it’s not enough to save her. He hits her in the stomach so that she bends forward, and pulls her through the house to the bedroom by her hair.

He pushes her down onto the bed. Crystal will need to find a way to fix things herself if her boyfriend doesn’t pay. Holding the knife towards her, he forces her to remove her top. She takes it off, exposing her breasts.

He rolls her over onto her front and takes some hand and ankle cuffs from his bag and effectively hog-ties her. He then puts a ball gag in her mouth and rolls her back over. He takes a photo of her bound and gagged to send to her boyfriend.

He feels her breasts, and leaves her tied on the bed as he goes in search of valuables. She struggles for some time against the cuffs.

He then re-enters the room and puts his bag down. He takes the key to the cuffs and she thinks he will release her. He found some cash, but not enough to cover what's owed. He undoes the cuffs and tosses the ankle cuffs aside, but re-cuffs her hands in front of her and leaves the ball gag in her mouth. He pushes her onto her back and then pulls off her leggings, leaving her naked, still gagged and with her hands cuffed in front of her.

He then begins fucking her, first on her back and then on her front.

He then pulls her off the bed and onto her knees. He removes the ball gag and picks up the knife again. He holds it to her throat and orders her to suck him off, keeping it there as she does so. He then comes on her face and takes another photo of her in order to show her boyfriend what's happening. He moves behind her and puts the knife back to her throat. He tells her they're going to record a little video for her boyfriend, and holds the phone out as if taking a video selfie of both of them. He instructs her to speak into the camera and to beg her boyfriend to pay the money. Once she's said this, while still recording the video he slices her throat and speaks to the camera himself. It's too late to save her but unless her boyfriend wants to experience the same fate that he'd better pay up.

She's coughing up blood and trying to stem the blood from her throat with her hands. He straddles her and stabs her repeatedly in the stomach and chest until it's clear that she's dead. He then takes a final photo before leaving.

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