Officer Down 3

Officer Down 3

Never Waste Good Suffering

Never Waste Good Suffering

The Violance In My House


Starring: Ashley Lane, Dick Chibbles  Time: 34:43 Minutes  Size: 1.85 GB 

Rated XXX A man breaks into the house looking for valuables. Ashley returns home early and gets raped and violated. After some fight back and forth Ashley gets her neck crushed and died. Ashley's helpless beautiful body is left behind on the floor.


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Starring: Ashley Lane, Dick Chibbles  Time: 34:43 Minutes  Size: 1.85 GB 

Rated XXXA man breaks into the house looking for valuables. Ashley returns home early and gets raped and violated. After some fight back and forth Ashley gets her neck crushed and died. Ashley's helpless beautiful body is left behind on the floor.



1 Girl, 1 Guy

A man breaks into Ashley’s home while she is out. He begins to search for valuables.

As he’s searching in the bedroom, Ashley returns home. She is on the phone with her boyfriend, telling him that she’s home safe and that she had a great time with him. She puts the phone down.

The man in the house hears that she's home and listens at the door to the bedroom. He takes a pair of scissors from his bag and hides himself away as she approaches.

She enters the bedroom. He grabs her from behind, putting one hand over her mouth and holding the scissors to her neck. He tells her not to scream and waits for her to nod in acknowledgment.

He moves his hand away from her mouth. She’s scared but calm, telling him to take what he wants, anything, just not to hurt her. He tells her to be quiet and pushes her down face first onto the bed. He pulls her hands behind her back and takes a zip tie from his bag and ties her hands as she protests, telling him he doesn't need to do that.

He turns her over onto her back and begins to feel her body, putting his hand up her shirt. He tells her that she wasn’t supposed to be home. She asks him what he wants, and tells him that she has money in the house. She tells him that if he takes what he wants and just goes, she won’t say anything to anyone.

He puts the scissors back to her throat and tells her that they can talk about that later. He then uses the scissors to cut away her t-shirt. He grabs at her breasts and then undoes her jeans. He points the scissors at her and tells her not to try anything. He removes her boots, pulls off her jeans and takes off her panties. She’s now naked on the bed.

He tosses the scissors onto the floor and removes his pants. She’s disgusted at the idea of what’s to come.

He takes a garrote from his bag and shows it to her. He says he doesn’t want to have to use it, but she needs to do everything he tells her. She agrees, telling him she’ll do anything as long as he doesn’t hurt her.

He begins fucking her. After some time, he turns her around and fucks her from behind. As he’s fucking her, he picks up the garrote and wraps it around her neck and begins strangling her.

While strangling her, he pulls her off the bed and down into her knees. He forces his cock into her mouth. Gasping for air, she’s powerless to stop him.

He cum on her face. Telling her that she’s done a good job, he lets go of the garrote and she splutters for air. While she regains her breath, he takes more zip ties and uses them to hog-tie her on the floor.

As she struggles against the ties, he puts his pants back on. She asks him to leave now that he’s had his fun and she did what he asked of her. He tells her that he’s not finished yet, and asks her where the money is kept. She tells him which room its in, and then tells him she won’t tell anyone about all this if he leaves now.

Taking another zip tie, he tells her that he's going to make sure she won’t tell anyone. She’s concerned by what he means. He puts it around her neck and tightens it. He tells her he’ll be back once he’s found the money, and leaves her there to die.

He leaves the room, and she fights against the ties binding her while choking on the tie around her neck. Her movement is restricted, but she sees the scissors nearby on the floor. She’s able to get to them and free herself, and then ultimately to remove the tie from her throat. She gasps for breath.

Once she’s recovered her strength, she moves to the door and listens for him, still holding the scissors.

He comes back in holding the money. She’s hiding behind the door.

He realizes that she’s not there, but before he can work out what’s going on she jumps at him from behind and stabs him in the shoulder with the scissors.

As she’s about to stab him again, he strikes her in the face with his elbow, knocking her to the ground. He then straddles her and strikes her a few more times around the face, leaving her bruised and barely conscious.

He gets up and goes to pick up the garrote from the floor. She puts her hand to her head and turns over onto her hands and knees, trying to get away from him. He wraps the garrote around her neck and begins strangling her again, pulling her up onto her feet as he does so.

He pulls her into him and they fall backwards onto the bed. She tries to free herself and remove the garrote but she can’t. She’s losing strength and it seems like she has no chance of escape, but just as all seems lost she’s able to reach out and grab her shoe. She uses her remaining strength to strike him with the heal of the shoe which causes him to let go of the garrote.

She gasps for air again and rolls off him. Dazed, he crawls away from her and off the bed onto the floor. She straddles him and strikes him around the head with the object while he’s on the floor.

He’s not moving and she thinks she’s killed him. She sits there for a moment, composing herself. She then goes to her handbag and takes out her phone, with her back to him.

She calls the police, and tells them that she’d been attacked by an intruder, and that she thinks she’s killed him.

She doesn’t see that he’s conscious again. He picks up the scissors, puts one hand over her mouth to stop her talking and drives the scissors into her back. Blood starts to come out of her mouth. He lets her go and she falls onto her hands and knees. He stabs her in the back again. He picks up her phone and hangs up.

He throws the scissors to one side and then pulls her back towards the bed by her hair. He sits on the edge of the bed and positions her in front of him. He puts his hands around her neck and she begs him not to kill her. Slowly, he applies increasing pressure to her neck as she pleads with him, until her neck snaps and her protests stop.

He picks up the money and his bag, and leaves.

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