Dark Butcher 2

Dark Butcher 2

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Woman return to her home from work. She walk into her kitchen & seen plastics all over her walls. She call her contractor & asking him when will he finished the job , why he didn't clean after himself. He told her they finish the job early that day & clean after them self. As soon as she hang up with him Butcher was standing behind her with syringe of Tranquilizer. Read head woman is naked & tight down with clear wrap to the little bench. Butcher admire her body, pasting back & fourth. He touches her body with his knife. Her Brest, nipples, legs, feet & her pussy. Then he put his knife down, pull out his cock & start fucking her while she is still drugged. He pounding her hard ,read head start waking up. She scream & panicking what's happening. Butcher don't stop, he is feeding of her fear , her enjoy fucking her. He grub his knife, put it in her mouth, then he replace it with his cock & back to her pussy. After he is done raping her he pick up his knife. He make little circles with blade of his knife on her stomach & watch her reaction, her fear, her eyes. He want more!!! Butcher slowly lift knife above her, watch her eyes begging. Then he stab her stomach. He leave the knife in her & twist it 360 degree in her stomach. She spit blood out off her mouth, blood is gushing out of her stab wound, she gargling till her last breath. Butcher admire her innocent body covered in blood, not moving not resisting. Pull out his cock & fuck her till he cum on her. Take a last look when he leave & disappear in dark.
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