Repo Man

Repo Man

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Starring: Hannah Hays, Jon Jon, Tommy Pistol
Size: 1.43 GB Time: 24:53 Minutes

Rated XXX – EXTREME (extreme elements: punching, bruising, blood during sex)

A man comes to repossess a car, woman tries to stop him and is assaulted and murdered.
Two guys, one girl
Leather jacketed woman
Strappy sandal footwear
Knockdown punch, woman unconscious
Facial bruise, blood on mouth
Limp carrying
Unconscious hand job
Partial victim-stripping
Hard unconscious sex with blood
Second man in room, sleeping off hard drinking
Woman wakes up, struggles
Hand over mouth to prevent screaming, manual smother
Victim lifted, draped over edge of couch, blood wiped away
First man leaves, drunk man wakes up, discovers sexy body
Drunk man has sex with body
Drunk man also leaves – final pose of body on arm of couch
Other fetish elements: postmortem twitching, drool, death stare

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