Hollywood Surprise: Part 2

Hollywood Surprise: Part 2

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Starring: Katie Kush, Tommy Pistol, Talon Time: 26:39 Minutes Size: 1.71 GB

Rated XXX

Two guys lure a pretty actress to a secluded home for what she thinks is a movie interview. Instead they drug and assault her (no kill in this episode, this continues assault from Part 1. Part 3 will conclude the film).

1 Girl, 2 Guys
Continuing from Part 1, to men force a bound woman to fellate a dildo
They alternate the dildo between her mouth and pussy
She writhes and struggles, but they are only getting started
While forcing her to suck the dildo they use a vibrator
She is given forced orgasms
Breast fondling, mild choking
Her restraints are removed (cuffs are left on)
They are able to move her body around
The men try to get her to double-suck them
She keeps her mouth closed, refusing
She is turned over, spanked and fingered
Dragged off the bed they once again demand double blow job
She struggles but obeys this time, sucking both
Hair pulling, forced fellatio
Pulled back on the bed she continues to suck one man
The second man fingers her pussy
She is flipped over for a simultaneous suck and fuck
Rough double sex continues in various positions
Her restaints are reattached to the cuffs
Once again she is spread-eagled on the bed
The men leave the room
She twists and writhes but can't free herself
The men return, one drinking froma bottle
When he finishes drinking, he bottle-fucks her pussy
The other man hard-fondles her breasts and briefly chokes her
The assault is still not over.


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