My Cheating Wife

My Cheating Wife

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Starring: Jennifer White, Reno Time: 35:31 Minutes Size: 1.81 GB

Rated XXX

A man discovers his beautiful, sexy wife is cheating on him. He has rough revenge sex with her, then takes her into the shower and strangles her to death with the metal hose of the shower head.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
A man listens secretly to his wife talking on the phone
He discovers she is unfaithful
Later he waits for her in the bedroom
He confronts her, throws her down on the bed and hits her
Blood appears at the corner of her mouth
He puts his hands roughly around her throat
Stripping off her dress, he uses a knife to open her pantyhose
Roughly he fondles her pussy
He takes off her pants and gives her a hard fuck
She is rolled on her side for more hard sex
He pulls her up by her hair
She is forced to fellate his cock
He pushes her back down and fucks her again
More sucking and doggie-style sex
He drags her into the shower
Makes her remove her strappy black heels
Her pantyhose is left on
He turns on the water and makes her stand in the stream
Then he wraps the flexible shower head hose around her neck
He strangles her, first standing up, then she slips to her knees
Choking, gasping, clutching at throat
She goes limp, barely still alive
He snaps her neck to finish her
Red strangulation bruises on her neck
He caresses her dead body
Then he turns the shower back on and rinses her
He fondles her in the stream of water
Then he carries her back to the bedroom
He arranges her corpse on the bed
Then he fucks her body one last time
He turns her so her head is dangling from the edge of the bed
He fucks her mouth until he climaxes
Cum drips from her slack lips
He leaves her corpse sprawled on the bed.

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