She Is Not So Weak

She Is Not So Weak

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Starring: Jennifer White, Brad Knight Time:21:47 Minutes Size: 1.11 GB

Rated XXX

A hitman surprises a dangerous woman in her home, gets her under his control and takes her sexually, but then she turns the tables and strangles him to death.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Woman is at home in her kitchen
She is wearing a tight pink dress with a bodice ruffle, pantyhose and heels
While she is doing dishes, a man breaks in
He threatens her with a gun
She knocks the gun away with a pan and tries to get away
He corners her, takes her at gunpoint into living room
Binding her hands with a zip tie, he says his boss sent him to kill her
He calls the boss and tells him that he has her
She pleads with him to let her live
He toys with her, making her lick his gun
Asking her if she wants to live, he forces her to hands and knees on couch
He uses a knife to slit her pantyhose and bare her ass
He spanks and taunts her, then strips and fucks her from behind
Hair pulling, doggie-style sex at gunpoint
When he finishes fucking her, he sits on the couch
He cuts the zip tie from her wrists
He wants her to give him fellatio and a hand job
She obeys, sucking him, then hand-stroking his cock until he cums
During the suck-and-stroke he has set down the gun on the far side of the couch
After his climax, she kisses him in a subservient way
But then she reaches slowly across him and grabs the gun
Now he is the one under her control
She makes him sit up and he pleads for his own life
He begs to live, but she takes the belt from his pants and puts it around his neck
Standing behind the couch she tightens the belt and strangles him
She puts her weight and strength into it, giving him a long, hard strangle
Finally he dies, and lies sprawled on the couch
Death stare, drool at the corner of his mouth
She takes the phone from his pants pocket
Calling the number he had used earlier, she gets his boss
She tells him she is still alive and will be coming for his ass...
Taking a few pictures of the dead hitman, she sends them to the boss
Then she texts her threat to him again, and walks out of the room
Final scene of the hitman's dead body on the couch.

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