Sisters Innocence: Part 2

Sisters Innocence: Part 2

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Starring: Kate Kennedy, Ziggy Star, Jack Vegas, Tommy Pistol Time: 41:03 Minutes Size: 1.43 GB

Rated XXX

Two men have invaded a house where two beautiful sisters live, to sexually assault and murder them (assault only in Part 1)

2 Girls, 2 Guys
Continuing from Part 1
Ziggy has been bound in bedroom
The two men take Kate to a different bedroom
She is also bound
Hands tied behind back by bikini, legs spread and cuffed
Pussy finger-fucking, breast-pinching
Kate reacts to forced sex with horror
Men use dildo on her
They also use vibrator to induce forced orgasms
Tommy squats over her, forces cock into her mouth
Jack roughly pinches and fondles her
She is fucked on her back
Kate is flipped over and untied
She's penetrated by Tommy from behind
Hands restrained by Jack
Men switch positions
She is stretched over edge of bed,
Men take turns being sucked and fucking her in different positions
Double BJ, hair pulling
Finally she is cuffed again (face down, wrists cuffed to ankles)
Men leave her and go to Ziggy
They repeat assault with dildo and vibrator
Forced fellatio and fucking in various positions
Finally she is also cuffed, wrists to ankles like her sister
End Part 2 (to be continued)

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