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Starring: Vienna Rose, Eric Masterson Time: 18:09 Minutes Size: 1.35 GB

Rated XXX

A girl scout comes to the wrong house to sell cookies! She is smothered, neck-snapped, stripped and necro-raped, before her killer comes to an unexpected end himself.

1 Girl, 1 Guy

Man is relaxing at home, watching a Psycho-Thrillers film on his computer

Young woman in a girl scout uniform knocks on his door

She is wearing glasses, sneakers, and the cute uniform

She tries to sell him cookies, he agrees to buy some

While he goes to get money, she notices dead-sexy film still playing

He returns, and while getting out money he suddenly attacks her

Hand clamped over over mouth, he cuts off her breathing

She struggles hard, writhing and thrashing

He also pinches her nose, cutting off her air

She drops to her knees on couch, still struggling

Getting weaker, she flails and starts to go limp

He continues to pinch her nose shut with hand clamped on her mouth

She loses consciousness and he takes his hand away

Drool drips from her mouth

He holds her upright for a few seconds, then abruptly snaps her neck

She drops dead on the couch

He pulls her back upright

There is a bruise under nose around her mouth from the smothering

He arranges her face up on the couch

Opening her uniform top, he exposes and fondles her breasts

He kisses her slack mouth

Lifting her short skirt, he pulls off her black panties

He strips off his own pants and fucks her body

Her eyes are rolled up in her head behind her glasses

He gives her corpse a hard screw till he comes

Satisfied, he arranges her body on the couch next to him

Her head tipped back, she death-stares through her glasses

He places her hand with fingers wrapped around his still partly erect cock

Grabbing the cookies, he starts to eat one

Suddenly he gags and chokes, the cookie caught in his throat

He chokes to death, slumping over on the couch

The two semi-naked bodies are sprawled dead, side by side

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