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Beautiful brunette return from her trip. When she enter her elevator she have Weird feeling like she bean fallowed. She get in to her place, tired from her trip she undress & get in shower. Enjoying her shower when big shadow Appear behind the shower curtain.
Guy in mask open curtain & start stabbing beautiful woman with big knife. His knife Piercing her body over and over again. After like five stabs he just watching the woman bleeding out.
After few stabs woman it's breathing heavy, her eyes are wide open, blood it's coming out of her mouth. She is leaning with her back to the wall of the shower, her knees bucked up & she slide down. Blood trail on the shower wall it's following her body. She get last breath when she grub shower curtain & fall over ledge of the tub.
Guy pick her up & put her on toilet with her legs open, pull out his cock & start fucking her. After he cum inside her, he place her body in tub, turn on the shower & let the water to wash her bloody body.
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