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Lonely guy pretending to be a photographer to lure his new victim. While sitting outside on patio lounge area he targets his next victim, who is sitting alone at the bar. He approaches her & through promises of her a model, he gets her to agree to go back to his place, not far from the bar. When girl enter his place, she notice there is no studio. She try to talk herself out but he slam the door & before she can move ,he hit her on her face & knock her out. Girl is tight up to plumbing pipe by the ceiling. She slowly wakes up & see the guy with knife in his hands. She panic & trying him to take as many pictures as he want & let her go. Guy don't listen. His goal is to take her body. He rip her shorts & panties, pull out his dick & start fucking her from behind. Girl crying & moaning to let her go. Guy put her leg on his shoulder & fuck her facing her so he can see her fear in her eyes. Then he flip her back from behind & cum in her. Then he grub his knife. Slapping her tits with it & walk slowly behind her. Girl begging even more. Then the guy explode & stab her multiple times in her stomach. Twisting knife in her, listening her squealing, her breath slowing down. She spitting blood & die. Guy pull out his dick again & pound her from behind since her body is still warm. Cum on her ass & take some pictures for his collection.
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