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Starring: Ziggy Star, Tommy Pistol Time: 26:16 Minutes Size: 1.42 GB

Rated XXX

A female assassin sexually tortures and murders a man.

1 Girl, 1 Guy

Woman killing man scenario

Beautiful woman as assassin

Woman in trench coat and strappy platform shoes approaches a house

She is wearing black leather pants, black leather gloves

She breaks in, puts on a black stocking mask

Gets out a gun, searches house

Meanwhile, naked man is showering upstairs

Woman takes off coat

Displays badass fetish wear, crop top and studded belt

Shows more weapons, sheath knife and taser

Man comes out of shower, puts on robe

As he leaves bathroom, she tasers him

He collapses unconscious

She drags his limp body to living room

Props him on couch

She ties his hands behind his back with sash from robe

He wakes, she threatens him with knife

His robe falls open, she toys with his cock, using knife

She duct tapes his mouth, gives him hand job until he's erect

Teases his cock with lips through stocking mask

Raises her mask to expose mouth, gives him fellatio

Takes off her belt and leather pants

Continues BJ

Straddles him, takes his cock into her pussy,

While riding him, prepares blue rope garrote

Puts rope around his neck

Chokes him while continuing sex until he passes out

When she has her climax, she dismounts and puts on her pants

Gets completely dressed, including trench coat

She appears to leave

Victim wakes up, staggers toward door

Assassin has been waiting, she returns

She stabs him over and over with big knife

Blood spatters, multiple stab wounds, he collapses to floor

She wipes blood from knife on his chest

She leaves, corpse slumps over, dead

Fade to black

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