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Starring: Zoe Clark, Jon Jon, Tommy Pistol, Jack Vegas

A girl is tied up. Two guys (her guards) are playing cards. She pulls out her hair clip and undoes her handcuffs. She sticks her hands through the cuffs so it looks like she is still tied up. She calls to the guards, telling them she needs to use restroom. One guard walks over to her, she slips her hands out off the fixed handcuffs, kicks the guard in the balls, grabs dumbbells and hits him in the face. The other guard run over with a gun, she wraps rope around his hand and kicks him. Then she runs towards the exit but as soon as she opens the door, she runs into a third guard. He points his gun at her and brings her back to the guys. They were pissed she humiliated them and kicked their asses.

All three guards toss her to one another and rip her clothes off. "The boss said to watch her and not to kill her yet but we can still have fun with her."

When she is almost naked they drop her down to the floor and start feeding her with their dicks. Then they rape her in several positions. One guy pust her on top of him while the other two force her to blow them. She takes one of the guys' knife from his pants, bites one guy’s dick and stabs other one in his dick. She squeezes and controls the guy who she was riding with her pussy. She jumps off, takes a gun and snaps the neck of the guy who was crying.. Then she ties the other two back to back. She takes one of the guys' belt from the pile of the clothes and wrap it around their necks and strangles them to death.

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