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Starring: Victoria Lawson, Daniel Hunter

Victoria plays a sexy sports reporter who goes too far. Wanting and craving more attention than she deserves she traps athletes by wearing tight jeans and sexy clothing in locker rooms where the men are half naked. She entraps them into making cat calls or sexual remarks then she burns them by turning them in to league officials to be cited for sexual harassment. This time she goes too far in accusing former punter Daniel Hunter of staring at her in a sexual way. The league ended up releasing Hunter thus ending his career and his contract.
With the frustration building, he decides to take out his revenge on her. Shortly after an interview aired, Daniel confronted Victoria and kidnapped her, forcing her into his small home and into a basement room. Tied and gagged, Victoria could do little to stop him. Daniel fondles her then drags her tight jeans down over her sexy ass. When she protests he hits her, knocking her out long enough to force his cock into her tight ass hole. Victoria screams through her gag as he gives her what she deserves and takes what he wants until his anger drives him over the edge.

Daniel forces her up to her feet as he strangles her then drops her to her knees. As he strangles her, he makes her suck his cock. She spasms, involuntarily jerking her lips over the head of his cock until he comes in her mouth. He throws her away like garbage and watches his semen spill out her mouth.. Still not happy, he sits her up and breaks her neck and throws her onto the bed before rolling her into a body bag to dispose of he

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