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Starring: Dallas Black, Mike Flowers

A guy is sitting in strip club having drink and enjoying his show. A
stripper is doing nice acrobatic moves by the pool. After her set is done she picks up her money from floor and walks to talk to her client.

Since the lunch hour is slow and money is tight, she invites her admirer to the VIP area where its more private and quiet.

She sit him down in a VIP chair, takes his tie off, puts it around her neck and start doing a strip tease for him. After sexy lap dance hoping to secure a bigger tip, she pulls his dick out off his pants, takes her clothes off, sits on him and starts teasing him, rubbing her pussy on his dick. The stripper starts rubbing and stroking her clients dick, making him nice and hard, but she stops before allowing him to cum.
He doesn't like that she just plays with him, yet left him unfinished.

He asked for his tie back, when she does not give it back right away he reached for it, pulling his tie and the stripper towards him. He starts strangle the stripper. WRONG TEASE bitch!!!

He pull his tie tight, she can't breath. She struggles for her life. She is unintentionally rubbing her ass on his dick, fighting for her life. "Giving him the lap dance of her life". After several minutes her legs slump to the floor, she is dead.

The guy sticks his dick inside her and take what she didn't finished. He fucks her dead, warm body until he cums inside her. When he finishes he tosses her lifeless body on to the VIP chair, takes his money and leaves.

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