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Starring: Jennifer White, Reno Time: 21:45 Minutes Size: 1.10 GB

Rated XXX

Male and female assassins have hot sex together, but in the aftermath the woman is double-crossed, shot, and her body enjoyed by her killer

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Hot standup sex over a glass table
Woman is nude except for black strappy heels
Woman takes it from behind
Fondling, hair pulling
Blistering hot eight-minute fuck
Afterward they kiss
She puts on a flowing white dress
He gives her a pair of gold spike heel shoes
She exchanges her black ones for the gold ones
He brings her handbag to her
She takes it, reaching in for her gun while he fondles her breasts
She pulls out a pistol
They kiss...she prepares to shoot him
There is a gunshot, but she is the one shot
He also had a hidden pistol
She clutches her stomach, blood drips down her leg
She pulls the trigger of her gun
Nothing happens – he has removed the bullets
She tries to get away but can only stagger toward the door
He shoots her multiple times in the back
Blood stains appear all over her white dress
She continues to try and get away
Lurches slowly toward the door, bleeding
She collapses in front of the glass door
She slumps to the floor, dead
He comes to her, lifts her body
She is carried back to the glass table
Draping her over the table he lifts her dress
He fucks her body from behind
Seating himself, he pulls her limp corpse onto his lap
He arranges her sitting on his hard cock
Lifting and lowering her, he continues fucking her body
Finally he arranges her face-up on the table
He leaves her body draped there
Death stare, pussy views, foot views, body pans

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