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Starring: Britney Amber, Reno Time: 47:57 Minutes Size: 2.77 GB

Rated XXX

A killer stalks a pornstar and after she takes a shower at home, he strangles her to death and takes her body sexually

Beautiful blonde, busty pornstar comes home
She is dressed casually, in sweats
Stalker approaches house
Woman chats on phone, undesses
She gets naked, then puts on short bathrobe
She goes into bathroom to take shower
Stripping off bathrobe she lets down her hair
Goes into shower, lathers up
She pleasures herself in the shower
Sexy full-nude showering scene
Coming out, she towels off, puts her hair up
She puts the robe back on
Stalker has entered house, is in her bedroom
He looks at her clothes, then hears her exiting bathroom
Stalker hides
Woman starts to get her clothes ready for night out
She gets our black nylons, sets out spike heel shoes
She puts on thigh high nylons, checks out her little black dress
Lets her hair back down
Stalker comes up behind her with chloroform pad
He grabs her from behind, clamps pad over her mouth
They struggle but she is soon unconsciousness
He puts her on the bed
He opens her robe, exposes her breasts
Limbplay, posing
He strips her except for the black nylons
Takes photos of her posed body, fondles her
Finally he positions himself behind her on the bed
He takes out wooden-handled garrote, puts is around her neck
She wakes up as garrote cord goes tight, her eyes go wide
Gasping, choking, gurgling
Facial closeups
Tight ligature, kicking feet
Sensual thrashing, squirming, flailing
Red ligature mark around neck
Her eyes go very wide
Drool, death stare
Killer strips nylons off her corpse
Foot fondling, kissing
Killer carries corpse to bathroom
Puts her in tub, bathes her
Takes her corpse out of the water
Returns to bedroom with her
Places her on bed
Uses her naked feet to stroke his erection
Has sex with her body in multiple positions until he climaxes
Poses her body on bed
Takes more photos of her death-staring, sexy corpse
Leaves her in final pose on bed
Hands crossed over her chest, eyes wide in death.

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