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Starring: Liv Aguilera, Jacob Cox Time: 27:35 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX

A man and a woman talk directly to the camera as he uses her for a sex doll, finally snapping her neck, smothering her and fucking her body.

1 Girl, 1 Guy

Fit, toned brunette with long black hair

Woman dressed in spandex pants, sports bra, sneakers

Bedroom setting

Couple talk to camera, woman talking about how much she wants to be fucked

Rough fondling, heavy breathing, spanking

Light choking breathplay becomes harder

Woman goes from standing to forced down on bed

She is choked out, goes limp

Body handling, fondling

Man, talking to camera, toys with idea of killing her

Pussy and breast fondling

Man pulls her to upright sitting position

Exposes her breasts

Takes off her sports bra

Puts her over his knees, spanks her

She wakes up, and rises to sitting position

He asks if she is okay, she says yes

He grabs her neck, flings her face down on bed

She thrashes as he holds her face against pillow

She is smothered unconscious again

Man talks to camera about fucking her

He flips her over, plays with her body again

Pussy slapping

She wakes up, climbs off bed and goes to camera

She begs to camera, offering herself to anyone who will make him stop

While she is pleading, he grabs her hair, pulls her back to bed

Puts her in chokehold

She passes out from lack of air again

He lifts her up, displays her for the camera, offering her to watchers

He roughly snaps her neck, catches her before she falls

Says she is not dead yet, throws her on bed

He strips off her spandex shorts while she twitches

Her face is forced back down on pillow

She is smothered to death

He lifts up corpse, kisses and fondles body

He strips, has sex with her body in several positions

Hair pulling, body manipulation

Death stare, open mouth, eyes rolled up

After he climaxes, he leaves her sprawled dead on the bed.

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