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Starring: Kate Kennedy, Ziggy Star, Jack Vegas, Tommy Pistol Time: 32:20 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX

Two men have invaded a house where two beautiful sisters live, to sexually assault and murder them (continued assault and double murder in Part 3)

2 Girls, 2 Guys
Continuing from Part 2
After being separated and sexually tortured, the sisters are brought together
Both have been bound, are placed side by side on bed
They are left alone briefly
They try to comfort one another, holding hands
Men return, continue assault
Kate is bottle-fucked with two beer bottles
Ziggy is done the same way
Both women are fucked missionary, head to head
Forced sex continues with doggie and spoon-style fucking
Simultaneous BJ over the edge of the bed
Kate is forced to give fellatio and also taken missionary
Men switch to Ziggy, give her the same treatment
Again women are briefly left alone
They hug and console one another
Men return, drag women off bed
Kneeling on floor, they are forced to give both men fellatio
Tommy and Jack climax
Cum sprayed on both women
Tommy drags Kate onto bed, begins choking her
He strangles her manually from behind
Ziggy is forced to watch
Kate gasps and chokes, thrashes and struggles
Ziggy tries to close her eyes, but they are forced open
Ziggy's mouth is covered so she can't speak or scream
Kate dies, with open-mouthed death stare
A blue rope is put around Ziggy's neck
She is strangled on the floor
Ziggy dies in near fetal position
Ligature mark on Ziggy's neck, death stare, drool
Both women's bodies are place spread-eagle on bed together
Fade to black.

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