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Starring: Kate Kennedy, Ziggy Star, Jack Vegas, Tommy Pistol Time: 31:49 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX

Two guys men invade a house where two beautiful sisters live, intending to sexually assault and murder them (assault only in Part 1)

2 Girls, 2 Guys
Two sisters relax poolside, one blonde, one brunette
Sexy bikini swimwear
A man comes to the door, blonde answers it
Man claims to be a roofer, tries to get job doing girls' house
Blonde tells him off, first politely, then bluntly
Man returns to his car, second man is there
They decide to “teach girls a lesson”
First man takes out pistol and they return to the house
Blonde answers door again
She is surprised, but before she can protest he pulls gun
Man puts gun to her head, covers her mouth
Both men enter the house
The blonde is menaced at gunpoint
They make her call for her sister
When brunette comes in, they accost her too
Women are forced to their knees and roughly fondled
Their bikini tops are removed and used to tie their hands
Both women are shoved kneeling face down onto sectional couch
Their bikini bottoms are stripped away
Men fondle them harshly
The women are pulled back to the floor, kneeling upright
First man opens his pants and women are forced to give him BJ
Women are horrified and afraid, but they obey
Hair pulling, forced fellatio
Second man also opens pants, women are made to suck both cocks
Various double BJ combinations
First man lies back on sectional, wraps legs around both women
They are forced to give him more fellatio
Second man returns and takes away brunette sister
She is gagged and cuffed spread eagle in bedroom
End of Part 1 (to be continued)

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