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Starring: Dallas Black, Mike Flowers

A young cheerleader is practicing her routine in the hot sun, which is making her irritable and bitchy. She calls the towel boy to get herself some water and ordered him to bring her a clean towel to the showers.

She takes off her uniform and gets into the shower to clean her sweaty young body. When she is done towel boy handed her clean towel,
he is insecure and shy. The cheerleader is picks up on his insecurities and starts making jokes about him. She finds out he is virgin and starts teasing him about that as well. To step up her insults a notch she lets him look it her naked body and teases him by touching her tits. When he reaches to touch her she slaps his hand before he can touch her. The cheerleader grabs her towel and starts smacking him with it. She threatening she will tell her boyfriend. The towel boy can no longer take her ridicule and sexual teasing, its remaining him how the high school bullies would smack him and insult him.

Suddenly he explodes, grabs the towel from her, twisted it to make it stronger wraps it around her neck and pin her against the shower wall. While strangle her, she tries to scream for help, but the towel is too tight, it's digging into her neck not allowing her to make a sound. She struggled and fought, but the towel boy is too strong for her tiny body. After several minutes of kicking and fighting her energy weaken and her body begins to go limp. With her legs weak from struggling she slides down to the floor. The towel boy is not done yet, the twitching her body makes as her last breath were taken turns him on. The towel boy places her dead body on bench & start fucking her until he cums inside her. He leave her body on bench and walks away feeling he has gotten redemption from all the years of bullying.

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