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Starring: Dallas Black & Anthony:

A teenage girl parents leaving town for the weekend.

She is excited and can't wait to tell her best friend. She step outside on her back yard to call her best friend and tell her the exciting news. While on the phone, the pool boy over hears her conversations. When she goes back inside her house to get ready for school, the pool boy call his Russian friend & told him what he over heard.

Parents leave the house. Teenage girl is walking home from school all excited for her fun weekend, listening to music. She started to have the feeling that someone is following her. She looked around but saw that it was just animals in trees.

She get home and goes into her room and starts making phone calls to her friends to invite them for party. Having no acknowledgement that the whole time she was watched.

She starts to walk into the kitchen to prepare food for her party, but half way a masked guy grabbed her from behind and chloroformed her. She put up some fight but the chloroform was to strong for her tiny body. Afterwards the teen girl was carried into her parents bedroom and restrained. She is still under the sedation of the chloroform, tide with wrist bracelets and a gag in her mouth.

The Russian kidnapper had a camera set up to film the fun for her rich daddy. He slap her face few times to wake her up, she freaking out. He is talking to the camera, telling daddy to pay up or he will never see her again. To make sure her daddy know he is not fucking around he start molesting the teenage girl.

Touching her boobs, rubbing her pussy through her panties, slapping her inner thighs while he films everything. Her young innocence got him carried away and he got more rough with her. He flosses her pussy with her panties and tears her bra. The Russian gets turn on by her crying, moaning and wants to hear more and more. Tear her panties, smell her pussy, then he pulls out his dick, forcefully turn her to her side and jammed his dick in her young innocent pussy. The teen squeals and moans. She is in pain but the guy likes it, so his fucking her harder and harder. Filming all of it for her daddy. To give him a real taste of his daughter misery, he fucked her hard in several positions. His telling the camera he is being serious while he is deep inside her and his enjoy it. The kidnapper gets more turned on by her terror.

He wanted more excitement.!

He comes back to teenage girl and grabbed her neck. Seeing her struggling and fighting for breath really turns him on.

He squeezes her throat tighter, the teen is gurgling and gasping for air. His grip is getting tighter. The teen girl is fighting for her life. After several minutes her body slows down to erotic movements, but it's the first signs of death that she is entering. Her body twitches and she is slowly dead. The Russian films her dead body. Realizing he went to far, he won't get all the ransom he is asking for. He tell her daddy, he wants the money for her dead body.

He is looking at her body laying there with all of its innocents. He turns her face down ass up and fucked her for the last time from behind. Cuming all over here ass, to add some extra humiliation for her daddy to see.
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