In order to obtain the final costs for you personalized video concept, you must first send in your script.

You will be receiving a newsletter featuring our model/s on a monthly basis. If you are interested in utilizing the model in our newsletter don't hesitate to submit your script as soon as possible; our models get booked quickly.

$600 custom video is limited to time maximum of 20min, one location; model for this video is the model on schedule. Any additional footage, special effects, extra location, extra model etc. is charged more according to the script.

Here are some specific details to consider helping you complete your script:

Specific model request custom video

1. Rate is determined by the requested model rate, length of movie, special effects, extras (model/models), and locations.

2. Usual and customary length of these videos ranges from 30-40 minutes.

3. The base rate includes two locations (kitchen, hallway, office, bathroom, garage, on property etc.)

4. Additional locations are $200/location

5. Specific clothes/ costumes are an extra charge or provided by customer.

Custom Video

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